Dr Parcak Zoning In On Middle Kingdom Capital Itjtawy (Ithtowe)


Sarah Parcak Sarah Parcak is on the verge of discovering a lost city

Ms Parcak has been described as the Indiana Jones of satellite imaging, largely because she is using such technology to search for a lost city.

The city is Itj-tawy, and is believed to have been ancient Egypt’s capital 4,000 years ago.

Ms Parcak has always had a passion for finding things, beginning as a child with shells on the beaches of her native Maine, in the north-eastern US.

When she became an archaeologist, she realised that the naked eye alone was not going to be able to find all the mysteries hiding beneath the sands of Egypt.

Using topographical data from Nasa and satellite imaging, which can spot chemical changes in the landscape left by ancient builders, Ms Parcak has identified a possible site for Itj-tawy.

Initial excavations have proved promising, revealing layers of pottery and jewellery which suggest it may well be the lost city.

The eventual aim is to train young Egyptians to use the satellite technology so that they can carry on discovering the riches beneath their land.


Taken from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17114720


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